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44 Best Gifts for New Moms in 2023, According to New Moms

The best gifts for new moms don’t just make her feel special when she’s feeling totally out of sorts; if you nail it, the right gift can make everything that comes with motherhood—even spit-up mishaps and 4 a.m. tantrums—feel a little bit more manageable. Sure, there are baby gifts aplenty, but chances are she’s already covered those bases on a long-fulfilled registry. You can never go wrong with a fresh meal, either. In fact, we polled more than 200 new mothers and found that a fresh meal or childcare for older siblings were the most wished-for items, by far. Of course you can’t do that for everyone, but in that spirit, skip the typical baby shower gift (sleep sacks, swaddles, burp cloths, and the like) and instead opt for something that’s truly for the new mama.

Our top picks

A self-care gift to pamper and help her relax, get enough sleep, ease back into her routine, and feel her best are especially important. Think new silk pillowcases to help her get the most of her limited sleep and comfy pajamas (since she’ll be living in them). Other nice-to-haves include top-rated diaper bags (or go in with friends in a designer diaper bag) or stylish fanny packs, which the new moms we asked said were a must for keeping hands free for all things baby. You’ll also want to give the automatic baby shusher a peep (trust us, it’s magic).

Whether you’re celebrating her birthday, a holiday like Christmas or Mother’s Day, or her first few postpartum days back at home, these are the gifts the new moms in our lives say they cherished the most. And yes, they all double as great gift ideas for pregnant women too.

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Unique Gifts

Let’s Make Memories Personalized Baby Textured Alphabet Quilt

“The best gift we got was a personalized quilt someone had made for us,” says Marjorie Wolfe Gellert, a mom and PR strategist. If you don’t have the sewing skills, you can always opt for something like this colorful quilt—it’s just as much of a keepsake.

Essa Bagel Baker’s Dozen

If the new parents live far away, a treat from their old stomping grounds is always appreciated. A dozen bagels straight from The Big Apple was such a treat, says Luna Hurtado, a mom of two. Nourishment and a reminder of home—a win-win.

Once Upon a Farm Snacks Subscription

Ask any parent what the best gift they received after their baby was born, and food is always top of the list. But toddlers are notoriously picky, so takeout isn’t always the best option for them. The solution: a subscription of pouches and healthy snacks for older siblings. “It’s like Christmas when Once Upon a Farm shows up at our house,” says Earley. “My kids love the pouches and the new oat bars so much that they finished our last shipment in less than two days!”

Posh Peanut Matching Family Pajamas

“I received this gift when I had my first child, and now I gift it to every new mommy,” says Eliza Gwendalyn Mova, mom of two and founder of Book Media Inc. “They are great for the entire family, especially if you have other children, since they feel like they got a gift too!” Not to mention, it’s also a great reason to snap a family photo with the new baby. “There are so many different patterns, for every gender, and even options for dad,” she says. “They are also the softest pajamas on earth.”

Kate Spade New York Cubic Zirconia Initial Heart Locket Necklace

Kara Lacey, cofounder of PR agency The Hours, loves giving new moms an engraved locket with a photo of their child or children inside: “It’s a beautiful way for them to keep the baby close to their heart when they’re apart.”

Gifts That Aren’t for the Baby

Ugg Scuffette II Slippers

First-time moms always talk about how much time they spend on their feet, so we’re certain that these will make standing, rocking, and cleaning the baby slightly better at the end of the day. “I thought my feet hurt when I was pregnant,” says Earley. “But those early days? I don’t think I ever stood more in my life—especially with my second child, since he quite literally refused to be put down.” Plus, can you ever go wrong with a classic pair of slip-ons?

Mellanni Sheets Set (Queen)

“After the whole postpartum healing period and months of nursing, my sheets felt so grimy, and I desperately needed a refresh,” says Earley. “A luxe pair of sheets would be such a treat for a new mom, and you really can’t go wrong with this Amazon bestseller.”

Daily Harvest Smoothie Box

New parents are always grateful for a fresh meal, but the majority of people bring dinner. “My friend sent us breakfast one morning, and it was such a treat,” says Earley. This smoothie box keeps the love going for days on end, since it comes packed with 10 of the delivery service’s bestsellers all perfectly portioned and ready to blend.

Green Orange Fleece Throw

If you’re looking for something luxe but not super expensive, this blanket is a great pick. The ultra plush is as cozy as it gets—perfect for snuggling up under with a sleeping baby. “Anything soft and comfortable was a win in my book, especially since I gave birth in the winter and basically went into hibernation mode,” says Earley.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 11 Instant Camera

“My camera roll basically exploded immediately following the birth of my baby,” says Earley. An instant camera is a fun way to indulge the snap-happy new mom, delivering printed photos as quickly as she can take them.

Vivitest Ceramic Diffuser

When you’re spending a lot of time in hibernation mode, little things that make the home feel a little more special have a big impact. A diffuser is a great alternative to candles, especially during the newborn period when new parents may be a little nervous about sending any synthetic fragrances into the air.

Gifts for After the Birth

Hatch Mama Must-Haves Kit

“Hatch does such an incredible job of knowing what moms want and delivering it in a sophisticated and smart way,” says Eden Grinshpan, host of Top Chef Canada. “After giving birth, we tend to put ourselves last, and these products make us feel special and give us the TLC that we need.”

Bodily Care for Birth Box

“One thing many moms recommended to me was some kind of postpartum or breastfeeding care box, and Bodily caught my eye,” says Glamour contributor Shanna Shipin. “The gift boxes are comprehensive, and the way the brand talks about all kinds of motherhood really resonated with me.” The Care for Birth box has the usual absolute necessities—like a peri bottle, an inflatable cushion, mesh undies, and moisturizing nipple balms—but there are other goodies like postpartum recovery lattes, grippy socks (way better than the hospital ones!), and two very useful guidebooks. “I read the ‘Guidebook for You’ from cover to cover (well, metaphorically; I read a lot of it on the brand’s site); and the ‘For Your Supporter’ section is such a thoughtful inclusion,” Shipin says. Another win: The brand is understanding and considerate of all birthing experiences—Bodily even has Pregnancy Loss kits for moms that experience miscarriage and stillbirth.

Elvie Stride Hospital-Grade App-Controlled Breast Pump

Pumping and breastfeeding take up a lot of a new mom’s time. “This wireless hands-free breast pump is a game changer,” says Stella Simona, cofounder of Amarilo Jewelry and Haati Chai.

Hanging out in a sitz bath isn’t really anyone’s idea of glamorous, but it’s a big part of postpartum recovery. Luxe bath salts, like this vitamin-infused pick from Maude, can make a big difference to make the experience a little less unpleasant, says Earley.

Luxury Gifts

New moms are tired, obvi—but they can’t just slip away to a day spa at a moment’s notice. This gadget brings the massage experience home, offering endless hours of heated foot rubs that can make even the most taxing nights almost relaxing. “I bought this for myself when I was pregnant with my twins, but it would make a great gift for any pregnant or postpartum mom,” says Earley. “Is it exactly like a real foot rub? Not quite, but it’s the next best thing—and a favor you don’t have to ask of anyone. Perfect for the middle of the night.”

“It took me a really long time to feel like myself again,” says Earley. “During the first year, little indulgences, like this NuFace skincare device, really helped give my confidence a little boost when everything felt so different.” The microcurrents help contour and lift in just a matter of minutes (key for busy parents!).

UrbanStems Flower Subscription

“Anything that brightened the mood at home was a hit for me,” says Earley. “Having flowers around the house was such a simple thing, but it brought so much joy.” Make it easy on yourself by opting for a flower subscription. Urban Stems will send flowers each month for the duration of your choosing, no action needed on your part.

Ana Luisa “Mama” Necklace

Yes, a sweet birthstone necklace or a big-day keepsake would make for a very thoughtful gift, but this dope “mama” necklace gets her instant access to the cool-mom club, says Shipin.

Trendy Gifts

Mark & Graham Leigh Bar Necklace

“I received a necklace just like this one right after my first son was born,” says Earley. “It felt so special to have something with his name on it, and I was so proud to wear it every day.”

Insulated Stainless-Steel Tumbler With Handle (30 Oz.)

This jumbo water bottle is so pervasive for a good reason—and it’s the perfect little treat for a new mom. “The insulated cup can keep coffee cold or hot for hours, but maybe more importantly, the mom you’re gifting can fill it with water and not need a refill for half a day—which is essential for new moms who are nursing or toddler parents chasing their kids around the playground,” says Melissa Bykofsky, executive editor at What to Expect.

Best Play Mat & Activity Gym: Lovevery The Play Gym

“I love this play gym, which came as a baby gift from another designer friend of mine,” says new mom Jillian Shatken, creative director of womenswear designer Saylor. “My daughter spends hours on this mat, playing next to me while I work and run my business. It somehow manages to be beautifully designed but also engaging enough to entertain her for hours.” You can swap out the toys, practice tummy time, or have them explore their newfound dexterity as they grab for the hanging objects.

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Leopard Grey

There’s a reason you’ve likely seen the Artipoppe Zeitgeist on so many shower registries. Moms we polled raved about how soft, easy to wear, and comfortable this one is. Plus, the celebrity favorite is undeniably stylish.

Revlon One-Step Volumizer

“This is a perfect gift for busy moms who can barely get a comb through their hair before being interrupted by their kids,” says Bykofsky. “It styles and dries at the same time, leaving them room in the morning to actually sip a cup of coffee before running out the door for drop-off.”

Things They Need for Themselves

Lululemon New Parent Backpack

Many parents find that diaper-bag backpacks are more convenient than totes, and this one from Lululemon scores high marks. “I couldn’t live without mine,” says Earley. “Especially after my twins—kiddos number three and four—were born. I needed to bring a lot everywhere, plus needed both hands at all times.” It’s roomy, it’s stylish, and you can use it way after the toddler years—a win all around.

Dagne Dover Joey Changing Kit

“I think a portable changing pad is a must for a new mama,” says Bronfman. This one from mom-beloved brand Dagne Dover is perhaps the most stylish option available anywhere, complete with a stroller strap and easy-to-clean surfaces.

Eberjey Gisele Long PJ Set

“Before I was pregnant, I was never into formal pajama sets—I’d sleep in the best sweatpants and a tank top or an old tee. But I slowly warmed to the idea of cute pajamas being a small luxury, and now I can’t get enough,” says Glamour digital director Perrie Samotin. “I would have loved this comfy pair after giving birth—they’re loose and stylish, and the breathable material would have accommodated my ever-changing hormonal body temperature. I’ll forever gift a new-mom friend sleepwear!”

Calzedonia Thermal Leather Effect Leggings

“I basically lived in leggings for a full year after my kids were born, but didn’t always want to look like I just rolled out of bed or left the gym,” says Earley. These faux leather leggings are the perfect alternative—especially for times when the new mom might get to sneak away, like a much-needed date night.

Hapari C’est La Vie Loungewear Set

Loungewear sets are always a hit with new moms who spend the majority of their days snuggled up with their bundle of joy. “I basically live in this lounge set,” says Earley. “It’s supersoft, but what I love most is the ruching on the sweater. It makes me feel put together, even when I’m basically wearing pajamas. I wear the sweater with jeans, which helps me get more mileage out of the set.”

Intimissimi Pretty Flowers Modal Robe

A soft robe makes an excellent gift for new moms, according to Melanie Bender, president of Versed Skincare. This one is an especially great pick because it’s made from a modal fabric that drapes beautifully and is machine-washable—she doesn’t have to worry about spit-up stains on her nice loungewear.

Best Gifts for Parents

“Staying awake during those middle-of-the-night feeds was such a challenge—especially with twins who required back-to-back nursing sessions,” says Earley. “My husband gave me a pair of AirPods for my birthday so I could listen to podcasts and audio books. It was a game changer and a great boredom beater.”

Best for the wife who doesn’t like to get out of bed: Hatch Restore 2 Sunrise Alarm Clock

“I got one of these after I fell in love with the Hatch Rest night-light for our baby, and this Smart Sleep Assistant for adults does not disappoint,” says Shipin. “It really helps keep Mom and Dad feeling human.” With customizable LED light settings, a gentle alarm system, and of course, pitch-perfect white noise, it’s a great gift idea for any new parent struggling to get their hours in.

When the baby is up in the middle of the night in a dark nursery, Audible’s subscription service makes the perfect companion (besides that snuggly little one, of course). “I got really into audiobooks and podcasts during my maternity leave,” says Earley. “It was a huge sanity saver for me and made me feel more productive than just scrolling my social feeds at all hours of the day.”

Because it heats up faster and cooks more quickly than a traditional oven, an air fryer will help new parents whip up quick dinners during those foggy newborn days. It’s also a very handy appliance for parents of chicken-finger-obsessed toddlers. This one is light years prettier than your average model, but just as hardworking.

Best New Mom Gifts Under $25

These soothing tools fight puffiness and redness, two skin concerns sleep-deprived new moms may be dealing with. They also act as a great reminder to take some time for herself each day, even if it’s just a few minutes for her skin care routine.

Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book

“I bought one of these for myself in the beginning of my journey into motherhood and have been blessed that I was able to start a second one,” one Amazon reviewer writes. “I cannot express how therapeutic this journal is for a person waiting for their child and for after their child comes. It is hope, laughs, frustrations, and joy. Besides that, it makes it easy to document things about not only your child’s progress, but also your own. It’s simple—one sentence a day.”

“The Magic of Motherhood” by Ashlee Gadd

She may have her hands full, but newborns sleep a lot, and this collection of stories provides a good excuse to turn off the TV and do some light reading instead. “It’s written by moms covering many different aspects of parenting,” says Masiello-London. “There are many relatable stories, and a new mom will see that many other moms have gone through similar struggles—it really helps a new mom feel less alone.”

Best New Mom Gifts Under $50

By Rosie Jane Wake the F*ck Up Everyday Essentials Set

“I love the simplicity of this set and the refreshing scent to help peel mom awake after a sleepless night,” says Hollingsworth. “New moms still deserve moments of self-care, and this kit does just that.” And that cheeky name? Truth.

I See Me! Personalized Bedtime Story for Babies

“One of my best friends gave us this book shortly after my son was born,” says Earley. “I thought it was so sweet that she took the time to order something personalized. Fast forward nearly six years, and my son and I love our little nightly tradition of reading it together before bed.”

Magnetic Me Baa Baa Fitted One-Piece Pajamas

Any seasoned parent knows to avoid snaps—an unnecessary form of torture during midnight diaper changes. This onesie sleeper takes things to the opposite side of the spectrum, making quick work of the dirty job. “They are the easiest outfit to get on and off,” says Ogletree. “And the soft fabric is so stretchy. Somehow my four-month-old is still wearing one that’s a newborn size!”

Baby Shusher Sleep Soother Sound Machine

The Baby Shusher is the ultimate crowdpleaser—and Shatken goes so far as it to call it the gift that keeps on giving. “Although we use a sound machine at night, I still consider this gadget a must-have. It perfectly emulates a verbal shhh and is ideal for calming down an overtired baby at nap time. You can set it for 15- or 30-minute increments to help get your baby to sleep or just calm down a tantrum. It is truly a miracle machine,” she says.

Nodpod Gentle Pressure Sleep Mask

Sleep can be tough to come by in the early days of parenthood, but this best-selling sleep mask can help her pack in as much shut-eye as possible. It’s soft and heavy, like a weighted blanket for your eyes. “It seems like such a simple thing, but this eye mask really helped me sleep when my mind was running a million miles an hour in those early days,” says Joanna Park, a mom to two in New Jersey. “The light pressure relaxed me when nothing else would.”

Slip Abbey Silk Scrunchies Gift Set

“After having my babies, I wanted to look as put together as possible but couldn’t stand having my long hair down—it was always getting caught while holding the baby or, worse, getting spit up on it,” says Earley. “These silk scrunchies made me feel a little bit better about my constant messy bun.” Plus, the gentle silk material can even help prevent further breakage and postpartum hair loss.

“If Ugg and hospital grippy socks had a baby, you’d get these,” says Hollingsworth. “A new mom will be on her feet a lot and hopefully hibernating at home, so you might as well elevate her comfort level with these slippers.”

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